Wayfinding through research

designworkplan is a creative agency for wayfinding and environmental graphic design

We develop user-centered designs for people to understand the world around them

Wayfinding is the most fundamental human activity that we use everyday to navigate from place to place, read about what we do. Our offices are based in Amsterdam, contact us for more.

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We love to write about our passion for design, wayfinding, typography and environmental graphic design. Visit the blog archive for more.

Introduction to Wayfinding and Signage design

designworkplan introduction to wayfinding design and signage development on how to create a clear and concise wayfinding system for the build environment. Read the article.

The Book Wayshowing > Wayfinding

A review of the renewed book Wayshowing > Wayfinding from Per Mollerup.

City Wayfinding Havana

A look into the characteristics of the Havana environmental graphic design and city wayfinding system.