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We love to write about the things we encounter everyday. The articles and opinions from the designworkplan blog are about design, typography, wayfinding, inspiration and more.

Introduction to Wayfinding and Signage design

designworkplan introduction to wayfinding design and signage development on how to create a clear and concise wayfinding system for the build environment. Read the article.

The Book Wayshowing > Wayfinding

A review of the renewed book Wayshowing > Wayfinding from Per Mollerup.

City Wayfinding Havana

A look into the characteristics of the Havana environmental graphic design and city wayfinding system.

Book review: Orientation & Identity

Interviews and background stories covered in this book: Orientation & Identity by Erwin K. Bauer.

Will iPhone apps change the future of city wayfinding?

This article steps into the basic principles of city navigation with examples of iPhone navigation apps.

Free tool: Symbol Signs collection

A free collection of common used symbols in signage & wayfinding design, by Sander Baumann.

Book review: The Wayfinding Handbook

A review of the book by David Gibson about information design for public spaces, The Wayfinding Handbook.

Font Series: Arial is everywhere

designworkplan font series: examples of Arial used in the build environment.

Signage and color contrast

This article will explain the usage of a color wheel with various examples of high and low contrast lettering.

Beautiful and inspiring Designers Quotes

Design quotes that gets you thinking, create inspiration and shares their vision on design, brand, typography and more.

Book Review: Signage & Information graphics

A book review about the great sign & design book from Andreas Uebele, Signage systems & Information graphics.

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