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After weeks of designing and programming I’ve completed the redesign for my blog With the previous design I still felt there where things missing and the readability could be improved. I could not find a standard wordpress template that would match my ideas about the look and feel, therefore I’ve created my own template (the redesign).

With the redesign I’ve put emphasis on the following factors:

  • Readability
  • Usability
  • Type
  • Design

The most important factor is content readability, I’ve tried to make the content as easy readable as possible and left out all unnecessary items. My main focus was when talking about design the looks should be according.

For 95% I’m satisfied about the new design, there are still some small things to be adjusted, but this is a ongoing process. I have used the following design items to create the redesign:

  • A fixed grid style theme, based on 940 width with 3 columns. Left and right column 180 width and the content column 540 width.
  • A customized homepage with only the latest story as a featured post, below that 9 earlier posts.
  • A big high contrast footer containing useful information like topics, tag cloud, search and more.
  • A big type header & big type date.
  • A list of most popular posts from the website and the latest posts at the right sidebar.
  • A comment style in grid with the content (maby also add the gratavar).
  • Trackbacks are below the comments (where they belong).
  • Header image and several other text images are created with the beautiful type Meta Sans by Erik Spiekermann..

Thank you

I’ve learned from you guys & girls, no particular order:

 iLoveTypography, Creative Curio, Inspirationbit, David Airey, Thomas (Fontanel, thanks for testing!), Brian Gardner, WpCandy, AlphaBlogDesigns, Jon Tangerine, TypeSites, Vandelay, Adii, SmashingMagazine , Designers who Blog, Six Revisions, Just Creative Design, Web Designer Wall and many many more. Thank you!

Let me know

What do you think of the redesign?
How can I improve my website?

Update: 2010

Since summer of 2010 this site designworkplan has been overhauled using the wordpress theme from Information Architects iA3, I have adjusted elements and tried to keep a clean look and feel for the website. In the future I will keep on updating the website, stay tuned for more. Thank you for visiting

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