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The New (Neues) Museum in Nürnberg, Germany a Museum of Art and Design owned by the German State. The museum consists essentially of two collections, the contemporary art collection (international art of the present) and a set modern design by the new collection Munich (Neuen Sammlung München). The museum opened in 2001 and was designed by architect Volker Staab. The main building has a impressive architecture with a 100-metres curved glass facade which let you take a look in the museum. Though the modern architecture it fits perfectly into the old city of Nürnberg.

Neues Museum

Neues Museum: Art and Design in Nürnberg
For all signage and wayfinding at the Neues Museum the architect chose a famous type by Erik Spiekermann (also from Germany), the typeface Meta. Throught the museum in all levels of communication Meta is used. A typeface that fits well into its surroundings.

Design Deutshland case study 08

Neues Museum: Design Deutschland case study 08
The current exhibition presents a cross-section of current and classic designs of German designers and companies from different industries. From graphic and interior design to design of industrial products ranges the spectrum of this thematic section of draft German designers and companies. The case study will stay in the museum until October the 5th of 2008.

Graphic, product & industrial design

Neues Museum: Graphic, product and industrial design

Other exhibitions at the Neues Museum

Neues Museum: Graphic, product and industrial design
Neues Museum: Graphic, product and industrial design
The art collection offers many insights into the development of art since the sixties. The museum is divided in seperate rooms and every room showcases a exhibition on its own, the walls are printed with quotes from designers, making it a visual experience walking through the Museum.

Design Collection

Neues Museum: Design collection
When walking through the museum you feel the inspiration and you will enjoy the many different art shown. You can find work of designers Warhol, Beuys and Neo Rauch. Some of the latest acquisitions from the museum are the works of British artist Julian Opie and from Czech artist Zdenek Sýkora. The museum walls are plain white that allows the art to come alive in the spaces, but the roof is made of glass and lets in daylight which sometimes gives too much light.

Other information

When you are near Nürnberg it well worth the visit, also the city of Nürnberg, with its old buildings and architecture is well worth seeing. We have spend about two hours in the museum to see its important works. Please visit their website for the latest information about exhibitions, artists and opening hours.

Future exhibitons from 31st October 2008 a new exhibition will take place “Who killed the painting?”, the comprehensive collection of Fluxus Germany. The new collection includes important works by the likes of Joseph Beuys, Nam June Paik, Arthur Køpcke, Ben Vautier and Wolf Vostell icons of art history.

Neues Museum

Neues Museum: Design collection
Staatliches Museum für Kunst und Design in Nürnberg
Klarissenplatz, D-90402 Nürnberg
Tel +49 (0)911 / 240 20 41,
Opening hours: Tue-Fri 10am-8pm, Sat+Sun 10am-6pm

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