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A Shopping experience that urges you to buy and buy more… Every retail company & marketing departments dream. But how to create a shop that sells? Recently I’ve visited a PUMA Factory outlet store and it happend to me, but I was badly influcenced by these two factors. One: I was on a holiday with the right mood and enough time on my hands. Two: It was a factory outlet store, meaing everything half price! It will be difficult to look at the experience without these two factors, but here we go:

The PUMA Shopping Experience

store design: puma factory outlet
We drove up to the factory outlet surrounded by the beautiful German landscape, as we arrived at the factory I noticed a large signspost with LED Boxed letters with logo PUMA. The sign was designed using PUMAs color scheme: White & Red, placed in proportion to the environmental surroundings like the building and landscape.

Welcome Signage

store design: puma factory outlet
After parking the car we entered circulair stairs up to the second floor, a simple yet very effective wayfinding system guided us the way. The signage was fabricated with two glass acrylic plates, printed with text and arrows in white & red and mounted with stainless steel spacers. Other signage like toilet and fitting room where also manufactured in the same way.

Wayfinding system

store design: puma factory outlet
We entered the shop and found ourselfs in a PUMA brand experience. Everywhere I looked I saw beautiful crafted signs, nameplates or LED Boxed logos of PUMA and everything has been created and design with detail. The Red plates with White lettering proved to be a ideal way to indicate products in this overwelming visual surrounding. The combination of color and placement allows you to quickly find the products you are interested in. The added logos as detail in curtains, pilars, chairs and fitting room completed the overall shopping experience. We went home with too many items bought, but this was mainly because of the two factors mentioned above.

Store Design

store design: puma factory outlet
Even though the store seems to be full of boxes and cloths, it had a clear waltktrough and large fitting areas. This enchances the shopping experience. I believe large fitting rooms are one of the overlooked spaces in a store, when having a large fitting room you will feel more comfortable trying on the products you have selected and therefore I believe with larger fitting rooms you will buy more. The clear lettering placed in capitals on a strong contrast will make the signage stand out in a overwelming visual surroundings. The fine added logo detail will enhances your shopping experience.


store design: puma factory outlet
This shopping experience appeals to design likewise people and in my case: A beatiful designed shop lets you buy more items. This was a fun shopping experience.

Do you care to share your (design) shopping experience, please leave a comment in the fields below. Thank you.

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