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Last year was a year with many different insights. I have started this blog (then under antoher domain name) late 2007 and began posting in the first days of 2008. I had a different mindset back then and started posting about upcoming design events and posted about what other blogs where saying. By summer I had an conflict with the previous domain name and stopted posting for a couple weeks, my mind was cluttered and I needed a refresh start. As lightning struck me I thought of another name and started to think about a mindmap to guide my blog more, see also here.

What did I learn?

After this short break I began posting in a different way, more open mind way, resulting in more discussion at the blog. More discussion means more insights on the topics which was a break through feeling for me. Thank you very much for this!

With this experience things started happening and I created a new way of looking at things. I have learned to act more by the (gut) feeling, allowing me to have a more open mind and to receive and to give more and more, resulting in a state of flow. This is a great feeling and I will continue living my mind-flow in 2009, I created the DWP Circle of life to give a visual presentation of the words and feelings above.

DesignWorkPlan: Circle of life

DWP circle of life

2009: What’s next →?

My focus with DesignWorkPlan blog will continue to create (at least) one article a week, with an article that could inspire you, might bring educational information, a showcase of (design) elements/typography, it could be an article about what I have learned or have seen. In other words it will be more DesignWorkPlan!

Just before New Year logo design blogger David Airey send me the following note, that says it all:

I hope 2009 brings all you want it to!

What’s next for you in 2009?

Happy New Year and please share your thoughts and plans for 2009!

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