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Thank you all for the huge support about the article for Rijksoverheid typeface & new brand identity for the Dutch government. Thank you all for the kind emails, comments and inspirational discussions here at the blog and by email. All credits go to studio Dumbar, Project 1 Logo, Peter Verheul and Mathieu Lommen for their great support and invite for the supporting kanjers event, highly appreciated.

The winner of the book Letterrijk

All the comments until Friday 21st of November 2008 on the article about the Rijksoverheid participated in winning a free copy of the book Letterrijk. I have used to choose the winner, see here for the complete list created by random.

Congratulations Jarret Fuller for winning the competition

If you want a copy of the book be sure to buy it quickly because of the low quantity available. You can find more information about the book Letterrijk at the website of the publisher.

Get your post stamps

As part promotion of the 1 Logo identity a special edition of december zegels has been printed and will be available to use during the upcoming holidays. Get yours and spread the identity!

Additional information about Rijksoverheid Sans/Serif

Fontshop published an extensive article about the Rijksoverheid typeface, written by Yves Peters. A thorough article with many examples of the typeface creation and printed results.

  • Visit fontshop for this great article about Rijksoverheid

Upcoming articles at DWP

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