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This blog has been re-branded to DesignWorkPlan. I’m sorry to inform that the previous name and domain of this blog could not proceed due legal issues. Thank you all for your kind messages about the shutdown. The past few weeks has been a quest for a new name to re-brand this blog about design, typography, signage, architecture, wayfinding and more. I have written down all tags that are important for this design blog and I’ve come up with the new name:

Design Work Plan

Still a few bits to do when everything is fully operational again, but from now on this will be my new playground. Please update your bookmarks to the new internet adres: and the new rss feed:

New post ideas

Design Work Plan Mind Map
With this short period of absence I’ve also written down the new mindmap giving me new and inspirational ideas for future posts here at design work plan. I’ve broken it down into categories and within minutes creativity started to flow into the new mind map. As you can see there are over 50 new ideas and I’ve started to prepare and gather required information to write the posts.

Previous Highlights

If you are new to design work plan you might enjoy some of the previous written articles.

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