I'm back with a huge load of photos!

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Today is the day that designworkplan has come back with new and fresh postings again! For the last couple of months the postings were not frequently at designworkplan and all of my small bits and inspirational pieces moved to my Twitter feed, please follow me on your daily doses of design tweets.

The overall design of designworkplan has changed a bit and the header is set to the new contemporary typeface Axel by Erik Spiekermann. Over the next few weeks the theme will develop more and new functionalities will be added. Please let me know your findings and or suggestions on the recent design development here on designworkplan, thank you for your huge support!

designworkplan flickr photostream

designworkplan photo stream on flickr
Over the last couple of years I have collected many photos of design, type, signage and wayfinding objects, now I have decided to share my photostream with the readers of designworkplan as a reference guide to the work that we do. The photo collections will show you design from everyday life in the following topics:

  • Environmental graphic design
  • Road signs across Europe
  • City wayfinding in Europe
  • Airport signage
  • City building type
  • Tube wayfinding
  • Information graphics
  • Textures
  • and much more

Below you will find some examples of the designworkplan photostream, I’ve put up collections to find the images of your interest but when searching via sets you will have a complete overview of the photos uploaded so far.

Airport signage: Shiphol

designworkplan photo stream on flickr
Airport signage from Schiphol and Gatwick are online, both with many photos from different signs and locations. More airports from around the world will follow soon.

London Railway signs

designworkplan photo stream on flickr
Various photos of the railway sign system in London is online aswell at the signs and diagrams of the London Tube is to be found at the designworkplan photostream.

City type

designworkplan photo stream on flickr
As type is everywhere, especially in Amsterdam where there is much type on buildings, bridges and in the landscape to be found. As I travel more inspirational photos will be added.


designworkplan photo stream on flickr
I love playing with my camera and add create textures that can be used in design.

Toilet signs

designworkplan photo stream on flickr
Toilets signs are everywhere and used in many different ways with many different icons. This photostream will host the toilet signs that I have encountered.

Road signs in Europe

designworkplan photo stream on flickr
A collection of photos of road signs from The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France.

Type is everywhere!

designworkplan photo stream on flickr
Ofcourse the popular articles here at designworkplan filled with photos from type is everywhere can be found at the flickr stream, adding more as we go along.

designworkplan flickr photostream

Please feel free to take a look at the photos and use them as a reference or inspirational resource but remember that all photos are All Rights Reserved meaning that you have to link back to designworkplan.com or to the flickr page when using the photos in your presentations. If you are unsure how to deal or if you have any questions please contact me.

Future plans at designworkplan

As the new design indicated, designworkplan is heading into an resource article website for design related topics, thank you very much for the huge support and the many requests for using the content of my articles in college, presentations and quotations, I appreciate your feedback!


Last year was a hard year for me but I’m back bringing you inspirational design articles, I’ve got several postings waiting to get into the blog-o-sphere. If you want to get updated with the latest articles, please subscribe to the free full RSS feed.

Next up:

  • After the huge success of the free symbol signs collection, I’ve created a post how to use this collection in your designs, completed with a free hotel signage template.
  • The font-series “Type is everywhere” will follow up with: Gill Sans is everywhere, Arial in St. Tropez, Frutiger is everywhere and more.
  • I’ve just finished reading the great book from Signaletik “Orientation & Identity” which will be reviewed in the next upcoming posts.
  • A review of the London Museum of Transport that I’ve recently visited.
  • The monthly design industry news collection “Sign-Sphere” will return with the hottest and fresh inspirational resources to be found on the internet.
  • Also expect more articles on photography as I’m enjoying this more and more.

Finally you:

Looking forward discussing with you! Please let me know your thoughts.

Best regards

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