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Signsphere a monthly collection of inspirational links and resources for typography, design, architecture and more. Do you want to be featured in next months signsphere? Just send your design work to my email adres as specified in my about page. Thank you for sending this months links, enjoy reading.


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I just love FF DIN, a very useful typeface by (Dutchman) Albert-Jan Pool. A remake of the earlier DIN 1451, For years Engschrift and Mittelschrift which was used in our engraving industry. Nowadays FF DIN is found in signage & wayfinding projects around the world. Visit the minisite FF DIN.

The Wayfinding book

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I just ordered the wayfinding book by David Gibson, a complete guide into information design for public places. When I receive my copy I will review the book here.
See here for the full introduction of The Wayfinding Book.

Logo Designer Blog

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Busy man Jacob Cass released another blog, Logo Designer Blog, a blog about logo design, inspiration, tips & resources. With many contributors in this field of experise I believe this will be another great logo design website. Btw ordered the dot-grid-book, read here for more information. Visit Logo Designer Blog.

Design Dosage

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Design Dosage is a design inspiration gallery that features one quality post per day. Each day of the week has a set assigned category. – Icon Monday, – Typography Tuesdaym – Wallpaper Wednesday, – Illustration Thursday, – Logo Friday, – CSS Saturday, – Print Sunday. See for more daily inspiration Design Dosage.

New Veer Marketplace

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Low-priced images for the Veer community, produced by the Veer community. With over 100,000 images Veer is to release a new this marketplace with photos starting at $1,- Visit the marketplace from Veer here for more information.

Georgia on my mind

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Mathew Carter’s graceful serif typeface Georgia is re-discovered by Web Designers. Featured at inspirationbit are 32 web sites that rely heavily on Georgia to display their content.

Visit this great showcase of usage Georgia websites at inspirationbit.

Type Chart

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Typechart lets you flip through, preview and compare web typography while retrieving the CSS.

Finally a great website about the difference between Windows (Clear) Type & Mac Type. Seeing the samples I cannot believe I have been stuck with Windows for so many years. All examples can be used in your own CSS Style Sheet. Check the website TypeChart for more information, via iLovetypography.

Icon Dock

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IconDock is brought to you by N.Design Studio. They know your time is valuable, that is why they offer stock icons in vector and pixel format that you can quickly snap in your projects to speed up the development.

Visit IconDock or visit the blog for more information.

Underconsideration now @twitter

The design firm Underconsideration is now also on twitter, follow the moves by Bryony Gomez-Palacio and Armin Vit.
See the announcement here and follow at twitter.

20 Corporate Brand Logo Evolution

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Have you ever wonder how the first Apple logo looks in 30 years back? Did you know Volkswagen was Hitler’s idea? Or how the IBM logo changes over the time? Or where the Mercedes-Benz Brand And The Three-Pointed Star logo came from? Check this post at Instantshift.

Minimal design websites showcase

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A website dedicated to minimal designs, although this website if fairly new already several great minimal designs have been added. Submitted DesignWorkPlan recently.
Check the minimal design showcase.


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This is the opening of Wireframes Magazine, in which I invite you to take part. The essence behind this experiment is the simple idea that we as information architects, interaction designers, and user experience professionals all create design documentation in one form or another which makes up a large part of our typical work day.
Visit Wireframes.

Creative Fluff

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Creative Fluff is an eclectic group of young designers, artists, writers, and critics. It is not only our goal, but our pleasure to bring you the latest, oldest, and most interesting news from all realms of creative art and design

PDF Book: Designing for the web

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A Practical Guide to Designing for the Web aims to teach you techniques for designing your website using the principles of graphic design by Mark Boulton. This is a great PDF booklet and will teach everything from start to finish, filled with many tips and insights from Mark Boulton. See more at the website Five Simple Steps, read here for a full review.

The Crisis of Credit Visualized

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The goal of giving form to a complex situation like the credit crisis is to quickly supply the essence of the situation to those unfamiliar and uninitiated. Created by Jonathan Jarvis, Los Angeles based designer.
To see the video see the website crisisofcredit, via fontfeed.

Examples of presenting work/projects

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YouTheDesigner published a great article with examples on how to present your work/projects. It will give you an insight on how to shoot a photo and make your work attractive for a portfolio. Visit the article here.

Dutch Corporate Identity Price 2009

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Dutch foundation Grafische Cultuurstichting is organizing a national contest for best corporate identity. Until the first of March you can send in materials. See here for the full details (Dutch only), via FontShop.

AIGA: Air Force One Graphic History

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What is the story behind the graphic design of Air Force One? Patton investigates the visual identity of the “flying White House.” Featured on AIGA.

Good Design in ten commandments.

As good design cannot be measured in a finite way he set about expressing the ten most important criteria for what he considered was good design.

Visit the good design in ten commandments here, via designnotes.

Enjoy reading!

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