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SignSphere is a montly collection of inspirational design, typography, icons resources. This month there are many great articles published from a full review of the NYC Subway typeface, the icons collection of the winter games in 2010, a new mini-site from fontshop, pantone colored sneakers and much more. If you want to submit news to SignSphere, please send me an email via the contact form. Thank you and enjoy reading.

The (mostly) true story of Helvetica and NYC Subway

A fabulous article by Paul Shaw for the New York subway graphic system. In a dept review of the sign system, choose of typeface and creation of design manual this nine pages essay describes everything. I have enjoyed reading this article but was looking for some examples of the sign manual, searched Google and found some images of the sign design manual at Flickr.

NYC Transit Authority graphics system


  • Visit the article by Paul Shaw at Aiga and take a look at this Flickr set of the original NYC Transit Authority graphics system—designed by Massimo Vignelli and Vignelli Associates in 1970.

Minisite FF Trixie

Dutch type teacher and designer Erik van Blokland released with FontShop the minisite about his typeface FF Trixie, since its release in 1991 Trixie was one of the few good workable typewriter typefaces available.

Erik van Blokland finalized the typeface Trixie with two new variants: FF Trixie Rough, and FF Trixie HD, available each with Light and Heavy weights. At the minisite you are able to see the typeface fontfonts and the new typefaces have much more detail than the original. In the images you can see the effects of the analog look and feel of Trixie, Erik was kind enough to send me the masthead (at the top of the page), text designworkplan, thank you very much for sending it to me.

Example of usage FF Trixie


Vancouver 2010 Pictograms

Via Iconglobe I spotted the newly designed pictograms for the Vancouver Olympic Wintergames in 2010, as part of a complete brand identity.

Olympic and Paralympic Games designs have a long tradition of creativity and excellence

The designers review of Books

A new website about books for the creative minds, written by designers. With designers reviews books the authors review (expensive) design books and allows you to buy or find related information about the books online.

Although there are several good design websites that occasionally have book reviews, there didn’t seem to be a single place online where you could get constant updates and reviews of new (and sometimes old) design books.


Thoughtpile a website where visitors are allowed to share thoughts about specific (green) topics, users can submit ideas and the most discussed idea will be featured in the Thoughtpile. Crowd thinking and creating ideas and solutions is becoming more and more popular.

PANTONE Sneakers

Today is the last day that you can pre-order special PANTONE SeaVees Sneakers, use the code on the website in the onlinestore to get yours! The collection will be in stores Spring 2009.

  • Visit this website to find the information about PANTONE Sneakers.

iPhone App: Font Viewer

OSXWerk released one of the first iPhone apps for font lovers, this free app allows you to select MACOSX fonts and enlarge the typeface. You have the ability of type text and display it in the selected typeface.

It would be very interested to see more type related iPhone apps coming. For instance what I would think will work great is a iPhone version of WhatTheFont. You make a photo of a typeface you are interested in, the iWhatTheFont will recognize the typeface and can view it online or buy the specific typeface.

Please share your ideas or suggestions of type-related iPhone Apps?

  • Visit the website of OSXWerk for more information about FontViewer iPhone App.

Not for paper

Not for paper is a website dedicated to bring you some of the most exciting design work for screen. Work best realized away from a printed surface.

Fuel your creativity rebrands

Adelle Charles manages the great design & inspiration website Fuel Your Creativity, she publishes frequently articles for a wide design audience. Recently FYC rebranded with a new logo and website layout. Congrats Adelle for this great achievement.

Write in Helvetica

If it would work I want one, my handwriting is terrible, so writing in Helvetica would be just great. Visit the website for more information about this pen writing tool.

Is Graphic Design Art?

There has been much talk about this website, Is Graphic Design Art?. When I first encountered this question I was intrigued by the fact people think about graphic design as art. In fact most people think graphic design is art. Lets take a look at the definitions.

Graphic Design: The term graphic design can refer to a number of artistic and professional disciplines which focus on visual communication and presentation.
Art: Art is the process or product of deliberately and creatively arranging elements in a way that appeals to the senses or emotions.

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