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Signsphere a monthly collection of inspirational links and resources for typography, design, architecture and more. Do you want to be featured in next months signsphere? Just send your design work to my email adres as specified in my about page. Thank you for sending this months links, enjoy reading.

Introducing my new corporate signage website

signsphere october 08 design inspiration
Baumann Sign is the name of my new corporate website (at the moment Dutch only). For quite some time I haven’t had the time to implement the new corporate signage website for my company. We are a signage & wayfinding company in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Designing & producing signs for office buildings, parking facilities, public buildings, hotels and more. We are specialized in create unique signage systems through the use of well thought out design in combination with color, architecture and typography. Our main goal is to create signs & wayfinding systems that work in the environment and lead visitors in the right direction. As a wayfinding product I designed a sign system called SignSwitch, a flexible signage system with a touch of design using materials such as stainless steel in combination with colored acrylic.

Please take a look at our signage projects page to see some of the things we have done in the past. Please let me know what you think of the design of the website, your comments are highly appreciated.

Use of DesignWorkPlan Arrows collection

signsphere october 08 design inspiration
Logo Designer Kathy Moore used various icons from my arrow & icons collection as a basis for the logo design of South Logan County Rural Health Care Network. Great work! Thank you for sending your materials.

The reason I chose the circles with the arrows is that I needed to represent the community as a whole and the healthcare community coming together. I liked the idea of having the arrows intersect to represent that connection. Sustainability is a major goal for our project so the circles help to express that because circles are often representative of something that goes on and on. Overall, the graphics I used from your site couldn’t have been more perfect to represent the project and the goals of it and all of the members were very happy with the final product. Kathy Moore

Re-design of InspirationBit

signsphere october 08 design inspiration
The long awaited re-design of InspirationBit, a faboulus website about design, inspiration, art, photography and much more, written by Vivien. The re-design is great work, I really like the way she has put up the website, the focus on the content and thoughts on navigation. At the homepage at the top you will find the three latest articles with below that the latest featured article. At the bottom of each page you will find a huge footer containing everything you want to find at InspirationBit. The website is scalable, with a wider screen the tree on the left will have a bigger impact on the design. A nice drawing and looks great aswel! The color usage is purple and green which is a colorful yet professional look. The content of InspirationBit is just superb, posts are really thought out well and giving a in-dept look on the articles topic. Take a look at InspirationBit and tell us what you think!

You know you’ve achieved perfection in design, not when you have nothing more to add, but when you have nothing more to take away. Antoine de Saint-Exupery

  • Visit InspirationBit or comment on the new design in this article. Do you want to know more about Vivien then subscribe to InspirationBit.

Launch of Typerepublic

signsphere october 08 design inspiration
Typerepublic is an independent type foundry based in Barcelona (Spain). Founder and principal designer Andreu Balius has designed (and designs) an exclusive collection of typefaces to be distributed throughout this website.

Source Creative: Inspiration

signsphere october 08 design inspiration
An English design company who publish their design work on the website. They update their website a few times a month with new creative work. A inspiration to look at the design work they accomplish.

Japanese Icons

signsphere october 08 design inspiration
Via iLT I discovered this page, the website is completely written in Japanese, so cannot read anything. But the icons are superb. Nice balanced and beautiful designed.

Largest LED advertising screen: Podium

signsphere october 08 design inspiration
Via The Inquirer I found this image of the biggest ever build LED advertising screen. Size? 100 x 20 metres, that is huge! Build by Dubai-based construction company Tamee and will be placed on a office building at the Kingdom’s Majan district.

Visible at a distance of 1.5 kilometers, the magnificent screen on the façade of Podium is designed by the L.E.D. technology. This curved façade will be a powerful medium for advertising, messaging and art. Highly-reflective tinted glass will be utilized to achieve astounding visual quality, as the massive screen gives off an elegant bluish sapphire glow.

  • Visit the website of Tameer for more information about this LED screen

Name that Pantone code:iPhone App

signsphere october 08 design inspiration
In one word, what a faboulus app for your iPhone. I recently got mine and can’t stop working with this tool. It contains the complete PANTONE® color books, so you can quickly search through PANTONE® solid coated, PANTONE® solid uncoated, PANTONE® Goe™ coated, PANTONE® Goe™ uncoated, Web Safe Colors, HTML Colors. The real power of this app is the snap-shot function. Take a photo with your iPhone and select the color, voila ColorExpert will tell you the PANTONE color. I’ve checked it with several colors and it matches almost everything correctly. Beautiful!

Graphic ExchanGE Design

signsphere october 08 design inspiration
A graphic design website that shows showcases of inspirational designs. Graphic ExchanGE covers many different design topics, but this page is full on (laser) engraved design graphic, on different materials with superb taken photos.

The visual history of 11 successful blogs

signsphere october 08 design inspiration
Over the years blogging has become more popular than regular websites, this post from Royal Pingdom compares the design of 11 successful blogs from the start to the current design. Interesting readings.

Environmental Graphic design

signsphere october 08 design inspiration
In this post from +KN Kitsune Noir the author writes about the importance of environmental graphic design. The examples are of great design and serve their purpose.

Zabox: Design News

signsphere october 08 design inspiration
Yet another voting design news website has been born: Zabox. So why is Zabox different than the other design news websites? It is a bit more focused on just design than other news websites. I submitted a story recently and I will post my findings in a future article.

zaBox is a design related social bookmarking website, focused on offering its users design news, tutorials and resources in a spam-free environment.

Viscom Fair Frankfurt

signsphere october 08 design inspiration
One of the largest media fairs in Europe will be hosted in Frankfurt this year. With over 260 exhibitors in various fields of print media, visual communication, singage, digital signage and more will bring you their latest information. It will be a great fair, although the exhibitors list is quite the same as last year in Italy. I really enjoyed the Italy fair… So anyone is going to Frankfurt? Let me know and we can meet there.

Viscom frankfurt 2008 will be opening its doors at the Exhibition Centre Frankfurt from 30 October.

  • Check the website of Viscom for the latest details, programms and more.

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