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SignSphere is a monthy inspiration resource of creative resources found in the blog-o-sphere. This months edition is full of type related goodies, tools and fun with type, enjoy. Most interesting this month are the startup of Lettercult & Daily Creattica. Bringing more design inspiration to the world! When you have something you want to share, please send me a email with your design information. Enjoy reading!

Search Amazon for type related books

SignSphere september 2008
A nice search tool to search for typographic books at amazon, it uses a interesting way to present the bookcovers, the covers form the search word you typed. Great tool.

  • Go to Amaztype for more information about this book type search tool.

Search Twitter for type comments

SignSphere september 2008
More type related searches in the world of twitter. Typesites released a search tool that crawls twitter posts for type related keywords. A nifty tool created by Kyle Meyer.


SignSphere september 2008
Type can be fun, at Typegraphunnies there is a huge collection of type jokes. Warning only for type junckies!

Design your Heineken

SignSphere september 2008
The guys from Fitzroy send me this url, here you are able to design your own Heineken beer bottle. A superb tool that allows you to easily add text or images and have your own designed Heineken beer. Awaiting mine…

Creattica Daily

SignSphere september 2008
Creattica Daily, a site of daily news and links for creatives and designers. They cover a broad range of creative inclinations from graphic to product design, interactive to motion, advertising to articles.

20 hand written fonts & resources

SignSphere september 2008
Adelle has compiled a list of free fonts in the category handwritten, this article is a great resource if you are looking for handwriting fonts.

SignSphere september 2008
A new digg pligg voting design inspiration website, has a easy to use interface and is a great resource for finding design related information. I believe this website has been created because of the sell of designbump. Good luck with! Small note, make the logo a direct link to the homepage. Thanks.

Divitodesign Redesign

SignSphere september 2008
Dutch blogger Stefan Vervoort just redesigned his website DivitioDesign, with more functions like community news, interviews and wordpress themes. Check out the website.

How to write an effective design brief

SignSphere september 2008
Jacob Cass from JustCreativeDesign wrote a very interesting post about a design brief, which items are important when informing a client, ideas behind a design and more.


SignSphere september 2008
Type is Art is a wonderful tool that allows you to create art with type. With the type on screen you are able to scale, rotate and create a design you like. Have Fun with Type is Art!

  • Visit Type is Art and create your own art with type!.

New blog from Erik Arjaluoto (ideasonideas)

SignSphere september 2008
Eric Karjaluoto is a designer, serial entrepreneur, and author of numerous articles on design. Now he started his personal weblog with short ideas/articles with a more casual read than Ideas on Ideas.

44 tools to help you in your design work

SignSphere september 2008
A huge resource with design tips, inspiration and everything you need when designing. A comphrensive list organized in a coherent structure. Read more at Designer Daily.

Lettercult kick off

SignSphere september 2008
A great new website about letters The Custom Letter Cult.

LETTERCULT IS OUR ATTEMPT TO HIGHLIGHT ARTISTS & designers doing remarkable work with Custom Letters. This group includes type designers, letterers, sign painters, graffiti artists, stone carvers, calligraphers, poster artists, and graphic designers. Just people. Who make letters.

Everything is okay…

SignSphere september 2008
Via Grainedit I found this resource, a faboulus yet simple yet very effective innovation. I really like the idea of adding information about a situation. It started out as a design idea but at the moment it is becomming a cult of everything that is ok or not ok!

5 reasons your business needs a blog

SignSphere september 2008
Blogging started out as a personal thing for computer nerds, nowadays it is a vital part of business online and offline. From my personal experience, my blog designworkplan has gained more visitors than my corporate website, read this wonderful post from Randa Clay.

Speckyboy: 15 free fonts

SignSphere september 2008
Free fonts are always handy when designing, Vincent Schwidder (colorlab) just send me this link from SpeckyBoy who gathered 15 free fonts to use in design. Worth taking a look at.

  • Visit Speckboy for the complete list of 15 free fonts, thanks Vincent, visit his websiteColorlab.

Overview of changes in global corporate identity

SignSphere september 2008
Via CreatticaDaily I found this resource, a complete overview of corporate identity changes for mayor companies in the last few years. This resource is just a wonderful list! I would suggest to bookmark that reference guide, it will always come in handy.

What’s new in corporate identities, and worth attention? Who did it and why? Fact and opinion. We tell stories of worldwide strategic interest, creative excellence, and leadership intent (or the regrettable lack of it), when we can find the story and properly credit the CEOs, planners, and designers

  • Visit Identityworks for this huge list of corporate indentity changes

More to come

Stay tuned for more inspiration to come, comming up: How to design Airport Signage, a new collection of type in the wild I’ve collected and more. Subscribe to the free RSS feed to stay updated on the latest information from DesignWorkPlan.

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