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SignSphere is a montly collection of inspirational links and information for design, typography, architecture and signage & wayfinding topics. You can find the editions of 2008 here. This edition of SignSphere is a collection of a collections best of best, so to say. I have gathered posts that interested me in 2008. Please share your favourite blogpost of 2008 in the comments, thank you.

SignSphere Highlights

In the edition of May 2008 one of the most remarkable mentions was the great Font Game to move to iLoveTypography, still when I play this it just puts a smile on my face.

  • Visit the Font Game over at iLT and share your top score!

In the June edition I mentioned the opening of new Dutch Design Musem, Graphic Design Museum Breda. It has proved to be an great place for designers to show their work and come together to enjoy like minds. If you are ever in the Netherlands try to visit this musuem.

In the July edition there was a mention of a new and exciting website from logo designer David Airey, Iconic logo designers. The website is a huge and complete collection of iconic logo designers and resources of work they have created. A great website if you are into logo designers.

In the September Edition I mentioned the startup of Daily Creattica, by the Envato Network (PSDTuts and more). Daily Creattica is a collection of interesting things that are happening in the field of design on a broad perspective. They have managed to bring the readers every day one or more articles. I always enjoy reading the blog and the quality of the content (links) is very high. Recommended readings.

For the October edition I had to share my new corporate website for signage & wayfinding projects and consulting BaumannSign. Since its startup as new corporate website is has been a great succes and hope to grow in this direction for the future to come. Thanks you for the response about BaumannSign.

In the November edition there was a mention of an essay on the NYC Subway and the Helvectia, in this 9 pages counting essay the author writes about how the typeface was chosen and why it is in use for the NYC Subway, an interesting read over at Aiga.

DesignWorkPlan Highlights 2008

In the past year I have written various articles, some of them got the attention of other bloggers and the discussion started. I am very happy that DWP has evolved to bring information on a broad level of design and visual communication. I could have only managed to do this by the huge support from the (design) community. Thank you all for participating at DesignWorkPlan. Below is a list of articles, highlights of 2008.

Highlights and blogs that I read in 2008

My daily dose of inspiration and news facts on things happening in the design-blog-o-sphere is read in the rss reader. Below are some of the highlights of the past year.

I searched for a best of best article for iLT (iLoveTypography) could not find it, all the posts are great. Visit iLT and subscribe!

A collection of 81 of the best logo design resources by Logo Design Love.

The Paragraph in Web Typography & Design by Jon Tan.

The great type blog The FontFeed, much great information. Visit The FF and subscribe!

Highlights of SmashingMagazine 2008, just amazing! Visit and subscribe!

A great 2008 roundup by David Airey at his personal blog, visit the article.

I have recently discoverd the design website of Michael Surtees, DesignNotes, he covers many topics and has a high quality blog.

Thanks readers

DesignWorkPlan has brought and thought me many wonderful things, I enjoy writing for you and are amazed with the feedback, thank you! I could not have achieved this without you! 2008 was a blast, stay tuned in 2009 here we come

Share your favourite blogpost of 2008

There are many more articles to mention, but now its time to let hear the DWP readers voice! Please share your favourite blogpost of 2008 in the comments! Thank you very much in advance! Happy New Year.

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