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There are various tools for showing fonts on the iPhone/iPod and recently a font experience came to the appstore from the creator of iLoveTypography, John Boardley. This post will feature some of the typography app available.

The Font Game

The Font GameThe Font Game has the combination between recognition, fun and learning. The app has over 600 font samples from various font foundries like Hoefler & Frere-Jones, FontShop, exljbris and many many more.

The game is intriguing because of the 3 level difficulty and the time. While playing I noticed myself looking at the clock and this increased the game fun even more. Can you tell the difference between Arial and Helvetica or can you spot Gerard Ungers Swift? The great thing about this game is I noticed a complete range of fonts that I didn’t know before. At the end of each game you will see an overview of the fonts which you got right or wrong, mayby a suggestion to create a link or additional information about the fonts.

The app the beautifully designed with a great UX interface and I believe this is one of the first in its kind and please try this addictive game for yourself! Available at the app store for $.99

  • 600 font samples
  • Rotate to view full screen
  • 3 levels of game play
  • Post scores to Twitter and The Hall of Fame
  • View your answers after each game
  • Battle against the clock

Get The Font Game

FontShop FontShuffle

Font ShuffleFontshuffle is a complete library of typefaces from the FontShop foundry. It features many of the typefaces available.

FontShuffle is not a game but a reference guide when searching for a typeface in need. At the start-screen you can choose what kind of type you are looking for such as sans, sans-serif, slab-serif and so on. From each selection you make a new selection screen comes up with more detailed questions on what you are looking for. After a few clicks you are presented with typefaces and when you rotate your iPhone/iPod the fonts will shuffle. After making a selection you are able to send the details of the chosen typeface by email. Free available at the app store.

  • Over 650 font families
  • Compare 24 typefaces
  • Shuffle
  • Send details by email

Get the FontShuffle app

Other font apps available at the app store

Earlier this year I have reviewed the app WhatTheFont, an app for identifying typefaces from a photo.

At the app store many more applications are available, below you will find a few to keep you busy.

  • The Typography Manual by Justin Stahl, a pocket resource for graphic designers and anyone that works with type. It provides the essential typography information on your iPhone/iPod. Available for €2,99, more information at The Typography Manual.
  • Font Size – is a free application for people who work with fonts every day. It provides a size calculator for making statistically-informed font-size decisions. Enter the viewing distance and the Font Size calculator computes the minimum font size. Nice! More information about the Font Size at Paul Chang.
  • TypePhoto – a nice app to visualization of your creative imagination. Select an image and create stunning looking typographical images, for more information see here at TypePhoto.

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